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Lisa Foulger and Juletta Broomfield business growth coaches

Our Accreditations

Conversational Intelligence certification

Our Purpose

Gol Global

Coach to Impact!

We ignite entrepreneurial and corporate leaders’ passions to make a difference – to deliver a scalable, sustainable, social and economic impact!

What Our Clients Say?


“You won’t scale your team, your business unit, your organization and ultimately your impact unless you grow your people. Working with Lisa and Juletta at GOL Global we were able to shift the mindset within the team. They helped us “create a sense of exponential and global mindset.”

Luis Carlos Barquero

Founding Partner, Grupo Stratos, Costa Rica


“We’ve hired Scaling Up coaches for @imiloainstitute and @lifestyle.perfected. These coaches have made a big difference in Imiloa exceeding our goals by 20% in our first year, breaking 7 figures in revenue, 80% into the first year. These coaches are some of the best, Lisa Foulger, and Juletta Broomfield, experts in their specialized aspects of creating and nurturing a high-impact company – and the individuals who build them.”

Nadav Wilf

CEO,  Imiloa Institute, Lifestyle Perfected


“”I was first drawn to work with Gol Global and Entrepreneurial Spark when I met Juletta Broomfield and Lisa Foulger leading a CINDE workshop on Appreciative Inquiry in Innovation in Costa Rica. We discussed the idea of intrapreneurship (corporate personnel thinking and acting like an entrepreneur in their roles) and I saw how this would fit well with our culture at P&G. I loved the concept of the Online Entrepreneurial Sprint-a “multi-tool” learning program and we agreed to run a pilot. The experience of working with them was fantastic – they were way faster and more agile than other training providers, constantly listening to us, adapting and experimenting. I suppose I should have expected that from an entrepreneurial partnership! The pace was balanced by pragmatism and a focus on impact. The team went to great lengths to collect insight into what was working and how we could embed new practices””

Fernando Bonaduce

Human Resources Director,  Procter & Gamble


To inspire and guide our clients to live happy, courageous abundant and purpose-filled lives making a positive impact in the world.
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Our Values

growth minset


Creating ‘a-ha’ moments that lead to change


To impact individual leaders and leadership teams and more: Organizations, Communities, Countries, The world!


And a culture of diversity are like Pacman – they eat strategy, execution, and cash for breakfast, lunch & dinner

What We Do

We help clients get unstuck and stop going around in circles

entrepreneurs business coaching costa rica


We enable our entrepreneurial clients to get unstuck, shifting their mindsets and utilizing their superpowers to become happier and more successful business owners and to grow their businesses profitably using innovative and proven methodologies, principles and tools.

corporate leaders coaching costa rica

Corporate Leaders

We enable corporate leaders to use their greatness to achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes by engaging the greatness in others. We do this for leadership teams and individual leaders by catalyzing their growth mindset, enabling new behaviors and enhancing their leadership skills.

Our Services

For Corporates & Intrapreneurs

services real

Real Engagement through Authentic Leadership (REAL)

For corporate leadership groups that wish to develop their global careers and become awesome, authentic leaders.
services online entrepreneurial sprint

Online Entrepreneurial Sprint

In partnership with Entrepreneurial Spark in the UK. The sprint takes entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs on a journey from mindset to pitching with pit stops in bottom line change, customer discovery, lean startup and visioning!

For Entrepreneurs

services scaling up entrepreneurial coaching

Company Scaling Up

For entrepreneurs and their leadership teams scaling their mid-size business needing help to get unstuck or navigate a strategic execution framework including: strategy, people, execution and financials amidst the growth journey.

services ceo forum

CEO Forum

For CEOs & executives who want to partner together in a group coaching/advisory forum to learn, grow and scale their mid-size businesses profitably while enjoying the ride.

From Mindset to Action and Results

We help clients to reinvent themselves

We know our clients have the answers, we know the questions to ask

We focus on helping the CEO and leaders to develop a growth mindset and growth behaviors which enable them to achieve the desires and results they wish.

Connect with Us

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Some of Our Clients

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