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We formed GOL Global in 2018 with a Core Purpose to serve CEOs and Founders who are leading for-profit entities to consciously and deliberately make the lives of their people and planet better.  We want our coaching to have as broad an impact as possible and love helping entrepreneurs scale their companies while enjoying the growth ride!  Our approach is to partner with clients and guide them through a Strategic Execution system that focuses upon the application of 5 pillars: Core, Strategy, People, Execution and Cash. If we want to call out specific tools, I recommend we brainstorm which ones and where on GG website.

We are certified Scaling Up, Gravitas Impact & 3HAG coaches. We choose from these and other methodologies, processes and tools to match where our customers are at, and the challenges and opportunities they face. This enables leaders to innovate smartly and grow in an exponential and sustainable way.


We provide authentic growth coaching and leadership development services that inspire motivated and passionate entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to achieve their goals. We do this through meaningful personal engagement that challenges, catalyzes, empowers and delivers measurable, ethical results.

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Impressive track record in rapid turnaround and growth strategies. Juletta’s C-level clients and senior leadership teams challenge status quo, break molds and make a difference! They gain a deeper understanding of themselves, adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and drive a bias for action culture. They experience superior value as Juletta guides them to innovate and grow their businesses by leading with a compelling vision, inspiring core purpose, strong values and teamwork, differentiated business models and strategies, efficient operating models and robust financial and fundraising plans.

Juletta is a certified Gravitas Impact and Gazelles Scaling Up Coach. She uses these and other methodologies, processes and tools to coach leaders to innovate smartly and grow in an exponential and sustainable way.

Juletta and David Stubbs formed ALGrowth consulting services in 2009. Its risk/reward business model aligns with clients’​ financial goals, enabling the partnership to gain deep trust with clients, faster decision-making, commitment and impressive results. Juletta is also Co-Founder of GOLGlobal with Lisa Foulger. GOLGlobal enables CEOs to get unstuck and scale their companies faster than the industry benchmark. Juletta is a passionate role model for women, supporting them to become authentic and awesome leaders. She led AmCham’s Women’s initiative from 2011-2015 and co-introduced REAL (Results & Engagement in Authentic Leadership) for women in 2016. Juletta enjoys coaching female leaders in leadership, strategy, innovation & fundraising. Juletta launched the Ladies Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (LEAP) with E-Spark in 2018. With E-Spark she facilitates online Entrepreneurial Mindset Sprints for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in larger companies.

Juletta is a very successful fundraiser for charities/scholarship programs. An AFP and Institute of Fundraising member, she coaches nonprofits and helps students achieve their college/career aspirations.


Lisa Foulger is an executive leadership and entrepreneurial growth coach known to help leaders reconnect with their passion to embrace change, lead personal and professional transformation, take risks, develop talent pipelines, build highly engaged teams and deliver outstanding business results. Following her own rewarding 25-year global technology corporate executive career, she entrepreneurially started up two companies, Lisa Foulger Leadership and co-founded GOL Global together with Juletta Broomfield, while living and working in Central America over the last 15 years.

Her coaching certifications include Scaling Up and 3HAG Growth Entrepreneur coach, Conversational Intelligence coach (CIQ), International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Her vast corporate global business experience across product and service businesses within Transformation, Delivery Operations, Finance, Business Planning, Sales and Customer Operations, Services R&D, Marketing and Finance coupled with her Executive & Entrepreneur Coaching expertise offers great business value to her clients. She partners with leaders to help them design and navigate authentic leadership journeys, pursue their passions, get unstuck, scale themselves, their businesses and careers while attaining freedom and enjoying the ride!

Lisa has an affinity to work with women leaders and up-and-coming talent, helping them forge new professional and personal ambitions. She co-created and launched REAL (Results & Engagement in Authentic Leadership) a leadership circle program for Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial women in 2016. She loves challenges, new experiences, travel, family time, all things outdoors especially incredible beaches, hiking, reading, health and wellness. She regularly volunteers to better her community and make a positive, sustaining impact in the world.

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Ximena Collado

Coach Facilitator

Ximena is passionate about human growth. She studied Marketing and Communication at Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and is currently studying Semiology of the Everyday Life to become a consultant in self-knowledge and human behavior. She enjoys traveling and living in different countries and speaks four languages. She loves the thrill of organizing events such as conferences and weddings.

Ximena has previously collaborated with and worked at Disney World, TEDx, Ferrero, and the Growth Institute which is the official online learning platform for many of the world’s most successful business methodologies, including Scaling Up, Topgrading, and The Great Game of Business. During her time there, Ximena guided business entrepreneurs from all over the world and their teams by coordinating their programs and being the connecting bridge between the entrepreneurial teams and the expert coaches. This role gave her the opportunity to work directly with the creators of these world-renowned methodologies and learn from them.

As a partner with AIESEC, she has hosted international volunteers and given them a home while they travel to Mexico and run different charity projects.

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